TARIF RATES 2018 - Medshield, Discovery & CAMAF
Dear IPAF Member,
We have received the following correspondence regarding the fees for 2018, from Medshield, Discovery & CAMAF for your urgent attention.   

Knowledge, Attitudes & Perceptions

Antibiotic use and resistance among primary care prescribers in South Africa

Econex Blog Policy uncertainty: Medical schemes under the NHI

By Dr Paula Armstrong Minister of Finance Malusi Gigaba presented his first Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) on Wednesday 25 October 2017. Many stakeholders in the healthcare space kept a watchful eye for any indication of funding mechanisms for National Health Insurance (NHI).

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Below are some articles posted by the World Health Organisation Regarding the use of antibiotics.

Stopping An Antibiotic Course

Antimicrobial Resistance

World Antibiotic Awareness Week

Misusing and Overusing Antibiotics

Major Concerns with Narrow Networks
Medical Chronicle – October 2017
“The Economic Imperative and the Ethical Challenges” In the USA Narrow Networks have grown in popularity because cheaper premiums appeal to price sensitive consumers.


Qualicare News Letter - October 2017
Every South African is entitled to access to quality, promotive, preventative, curative, rehabilitative and palliative healthcare
IPAF Supports SAMA

To All IPA Registered Healthcare Professionals: SAMA Practice Cost Study.

It is with great enthusiasm that IPAF supports the Practice cost study which has been commissioned by SAMA and will be run by Healthman, PPO serve and MPC. 

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SAMA Practice Cost Study

RE: Completion of SAMA Practice Cost Study Surveys The South African Medical Association (SAMA) has, after an open bidding process, commissioned HealthMan, PPO Serve and Medical Practice Consulting (MPC) (“the consortium”) to conduct an independent Practice Cost Study on General Practitioners and Specialists in private practice.

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Want to know how good your doctor is?

If patients had better information about private health providers, this would stimulate competition, says the Health Market Inquiry

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Why mediation and arbitration offer a better route to solving medical disputes

A medical scandal in South Africa, that resulted in the deaths of 94 patients with mental health disorders...

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Health Outcome Measurement & Reporting 

IPAF welcomes the opportunity to comment on the discussion Document issued by the the Health Market Inquiry...

Part1                     Part2 

IPAF / Prior Mobile health relationship: 

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“IPA - Delivering Promises you can rely upon”

The IPA Foundation mission is to ‘promote Quality, Cost efficient, Patient centric care’.....

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Guidelines for IPAF Membership

In order to avoid any confusion the management of IPAF would like to clarify the functions of the constituent IPAs as well as the IPA Foundation (IPAF)

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GP Referral Letters

A well-written GP referral letter can make all the difference when a patient visits a specialist.

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NHI-White Paper Fantasy

The SA National Health Insurance White Paper is a ‘wan fantasy’ that ignores SA’s ailing economy....

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Genesis WINS case on Accounting for use of Medical Funds.

Genesis Medical Scheme has won it's legal battle ....

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Patients to get Scheme Permission

The majority of medical schemes require their members to obtain authorization before receiving services from healthcare practitioners registered under the Health Professions Act.

While acting in the best interest of their patients, some practitioners offer to assist them with obtaining authorization ........

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Advance Family Practitioner Skills

IPAF document on advanced Skills & Services offered within the a family practice....

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"The House with Golden Windows"

IPAF & Qualicare Feb News Letter...


IPAF Conference Invitation

Register now for our 2nd IPAF Conference.

Our first conference was such a great success we decided to do it again  

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WHO GAP AMR Newsletter

World Health Organization GAP AMR Newsletter no 21, February 2017 HTM Special Issue. Activities of the WHO HTM Cluster (HIV, tuberculosis, malaria & neglected tropical diseases) 

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