Objectives & Goals

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to fostering an inclusive community where participation is non-restrictive and open to all general practitioners in private practice, operating on a willing-provider basis. We are dedicated to building transparent and honest relationships with all our role-players and stakeholders, conducting our interactions with integrity and clarity.

A key pillar of our approach is the recognition and accommodation of the independent status of each IPA and their representative bodies within the IPA Foundation. This ensures that the autonomy and unique identity of each member are not just acknowledged but actively supported and integrated into our collective efforts.

In adherence to the highest standards, we are committed to complying with the Managed Care Organisation accreditation criteria (MSA, no 131 of 1998), demonstrating our dedication to excellence and quality in all aspects of our operations. Our focus extends to the contracts presented to our providers, ensuring they always reflect the rights, welfare, and wellbeing of the patients involved.

Moreover, we aim to develop or adopt clinical protocols and formularies that not only gain the acceptance of our contracted providers but also introduce cost efficiencies for the patients. By leveraging the clinical algorithms published in the MSA and other industry resources, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of care provided, ensuring it is both effective and accessible. Through these modern and forward-looking objectives, we aspire to redefine the landscape of healthcare collaboration, placing a strong emphasis on patient welfare and the empowerment of providers.

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